Closing Comments from the Alumina Technology Roadmap Workshop

"Back in France, I'd like to congratulate you and all involved for the perfect organization of the workshop. It's clear that the main challenges have not significantly changed compared to those which were identified years ago. It seems to me that the main thing will be now to find a mechanism to stimulate the alumina industry to definitely have a look to other industries very far from the alumina business. In that area, AMIRA may be one of the catalysts. We are waiting with interest for the official conclusions of the Fremantle meeting."

Jacques Mordini, Pechiney

"Itís been a good process, very well facilitated. I think itís the first time that Iíve seen quite a large cross section from the worldwide alumina industry in a room together discussing these things as a group. Now we have to turn these ideas into actions and itís going to take leadership from the industry to achieve them."
"I was very delighted to see such a great turnout with ambition and enthusiasm. I think the momentum needs to be maintained, particularly through research. I donít think we should sit back and wait for things to happen. We need to keep driving for results."
"Itís been great discussing all these issues with such a wide group of people. There werenít too many surprises. some of the technical issues that have come up are the same as ten years ago. But we still have a selling job to convince some of the people at the top that these are important priorities. What it also reinforced is that there is a lot of both internal and between company things that we can do to improve the [alumina] process. Many of them are low cost, low tech things. we just need to start looking at them."
"Congratulations to AMIRA and Energetics for bringing us all together. Itís been terrific. Iíve really enjoyed it. Our success will be measured not by the progress we have made over the last couple of days or the next few weeks but the degree to which the industry genuinely takes up, in a collaborative fashion, those issues that are critical to the long term sustainability of the industry."
"I believe that with this documentation we already have a way to attract interest from suppliers of technology."
"Excellent process. No real surprises on the technology side. I think most would agree with that. The challenge in front of us is what we do next. . . . Weíve been through this a couple times during the 1990s with other versions and look how hard it is to get projects up that we can all agree on. In terms of scale, that area pretty much we all agreed we should work on and we ended up with zero projects. We have got some work to do at this stage. Having said that, it is a great starting point. I think we have a better system and a wider audience this time and I think we are a big way ahead."
"I feel very confident that our roadmap is going to be a very credible document and Iím looking forward to its exposure. I think we really need to engage stakeholders whether they are in the government, or our own bosses, or environmental groups, or suppliers. We really have to do something different as an industry if we are going to forward."