Unlocking Australia’s hidden mineral potential - Stage 1:- The Roadmap
Project No. :P1162 Status :Complete
AMIRA : Ms Adele Seymon
Duration : 1 years

Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover (P1162) Documents
(Publicly Accessible Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover documents)
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The AMIRA "Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover" is a call to the exploration geoscience community – industry, government and academia – to collaborate on a scale never before attempted in Australia and beginning with this landmark event. The goal is to achieve a step change in knowledge and methodologies in earth sciences relevant to mineral exploration, beneath the 80 per cent of our continent that is “covered”.

The first phase of this initiative provided an opportunity for industry to contribute to a Roadmap what provides the blueprint for addressing the challenges and gaps in knowledge and technology capability, together with an assessment of the research capacity (human resources and infrastructure) required to improve the exploration success rate in areas of post mineral cover.

HIGHLIGHTS/DELIVERABLES/VALUE ADDITIONS The Stage 1 workshops and prioritisation activities resulted in the identification of 45 focus areas, 16 of which have been identified as high and highest priorities. These are the areas which need to be addressed in order to improve exploration performance under cover. Each of these areas have been examined for their impact on the exploration scale reduction process.

The Roadmap provides a plan for addressing these challenges and will require the collective action of industry, academia and government to ensure that the vision of the Roadmap is realised.

Research Providers

  • NextGen Geological Pty Ltd
  • Mr Robbie J Rowe