Best Place to Buy Top Quality Wheels in Australia

There are a variety of places to buy top quality wheels in Australia, however there is no one place that stands out as the best. In fact, it is important to know what you want before approaching a retailer. Wheels can be found at many online stores, ranging from small businesses to large retail chains. However every wheel has potential for damage due to shipping and handling.


Generally the best place to buy top quality wheels in Australia is from a business that keeps their inventory on site. This way, if there are any damages upon arrival they can be fixed as soon as possible (which will result in less damage and broken parts). Online retailers tend to be very vague about where exactly the wheels come from.


This knowledge provides clear insight into how to avoid unnecessary costs for repairs or replacements. Wheels are not something that should be bought online unless it is from an extremely reputable retailer. Another option is to buy from a local shop, as they can provide advice and installation. However it must be stated that this is not always the best place to buy top quality wheels in Australia. It depends on the type of wheel and what exactly you want.

Best Places to Buy Wheels in Australia


The best place to buy these wheels is Supashock Wheel Centre. Not only do they offer both brands but also offer high performance tyres which are perfect for fast cars like sports cars or hot rods. Best of all, their wheels are available in different sizes and styles meaning you can really make a statement with your wheels. Their online store makes it easy to buy from them and once your order is confirmed you can get your new set of wheels delivered right to your door in the shortest time possible.


Supashock wheels are known for their high performance and durable nature which makes them a great choice for people who want the best wheel without breaking the bank.


Another top rated wheel manufacturer in Australia is Rocket Racing Wheels. Whilst not being as popular as Supashock, they also have a reputation for offering high quality wheels that don’t cost the earth.


Also another place to buy quality wheels in Australia is without a doubt the Enjuku Racing online store. The Enjuku team hand-builds high end performance aftermarket wheels for drift, circuit racing and show cars alike. Enjuku Racing was founded in 1989 by friends Miro Kuret and Robert Shiu who shared an enthusiasm for motorsport in Japan. Their company was founded with the sole purpose of supporting Australian racing drivers in their pursuit of excellence. Decades later, Enjuku is still Australia’s leading supplier of high quality autocraze wheels for sale online, all types of Motorsport applications.