Current Projects

No. Project Title
P1058 Spectral induced polarization for 3D mineral discrimination
Jul 2011
P507D Chemistry and Transport of Trace Elements in Bayer Liquors
Jul 2011
P1060 Enhanced Geochemical Targeting in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Jun 2011
P575C A Qualitative Investigation of Strength and Breakage Behaviour of SGA Produced from Refinery Hydrates
Jun 2011
P521D Quantifying the Effect of Solid Phase Oxalate (SPO) on Gibbsite Agglomeration
May 2011
P931A Reduced Erosion in Multiphase Flow
May 2011
P1037 Stope Optimisation and Stope Layout
Apr 2011
P1043 Framework for Rapid Automated Underground Mine Optimisation
Apr 2011
P1036 Airborne IP – Stage 1
Nov 2010
P778A Predictive Exploration Geochemistry in Transported Overburden II
Nov 2010
P1022 Rapid Inversion of TEM Data
Aug 2010
P260F Influence of Process Mineralogy and Pulp Chemistry on the Flotation of Fine and Coarse Minerals
May 2010
P705B P705B Improved Anode and Cathode Processes in the Electrowinning of Base Metals
Apr 2010
P934A West African Exploration Initiative – Stage 2
Mar 2010
P1041 Application of New Technologies to Exploration and Evaluation of Gold Deposits
Feb 2010
P933A Alternative Treatment Options for Long Term ARD Control
Dec 2009
P420D Gold Processing Technology
Aug 2009
P843A Geometallurgical Mapping and Mine Modelling
Jul 2009
P970 Selective Flotation Separation of Arsenic Minerals
May 2009
P996 Advanced Instrumentation and Control Strategies for Optimising Thickeners
Apr 2009
P968 Flotation of Copper in Saline Waters
Apr 2009
P986 Improving Crushed Ore Agglomeration
Apr 2009
P266F Improving Thickener Technology
Jan 2009
P972 ATR Mineral Chemistry Applied to the Characterization and Exploration of Andean type Cu ± Au Ore deposits
Jan 2009
P498C Enhanced Selectivity in Flotation Using Polymers
Oct 2008
P599B High Concentration Suspension Pumping
Sep 2008
P575B Influence of Thermal Transformation on Alumina Strength from Short Term Calcination
Apr 2008
P667B SAG Mill Monitoring Using Surface Vibrations
Apr 2008
P009O Optimisation of Mineral Processing Through Modelling and Simulation
Jan 2008
P521C Developing a Mathematical Model of the Effect of Solid Phase Oxalate (SPO) on Gibbsite Secondary Nucleation
Aug 2007
P791A Potroom Dust: Character & Causes
Aug 2007
P507C Thermodynamic Characterisation and Redox Chemistry of Organics in Bayer Liquor
Jun 2007
P962 Ni-PGE Potential of Mafic and Ultramafic Magmas – A Combined Thermodynamic Modelling and Melt Inclusion Approach
Mar 2007
P961 Global R&D; Capacity & Activity Database
Dec 2006
P705A Improved Anode & Cathode Processes in the Electrowinning of Base Metals
Aug 2006
P778 Predictive Geochemistry in Areas of Transported Overburden
May 2006
P813A Copper Technology Roadmap: Implementation
May 2004