Flagship Projects

Some AMIRA International projects are large, technically complex and internationally important research collaborations. These flagship projects represent some of the longest-term research, or represent the most significant industry and government funding for research that will generate a whole new way of doing business in the future.

P9 – Mineral Processing : the world’s leading, collaborative mineral processing research project, still going after 40 years. Its achievements have helped reshape industry understanding, design and operational practice in mineral processing.

P266 – Thickeners : after 15 years continuous development, the team now leads the world in identifying the key factors affecting full-scale thickener performance and in modifying design and operating conditions to realise improved performance for mineral processing companies.

P843 – GEM III : the largest project of its type, and an unprecedented coordinated research effort to bring together geoscience and metallurgy. It will create a new dialogue to underpin a radical new integration of geology and metallurgy.

P924 – AMSRI : a collaboration between world-class research centres and a consortium of industry sponsors, created with the largest ever funding from the Australian Research Council. It will strengthen Australian technological and scientific leadership in particle science and engineering.

Data Metallogenica : Data Metallogenica is a continuously expanding global information resource of mineral deposit data for reference, training and education. The website contains more than 40,000 image and file texts, including digital images of 60,000 mini samples from more than 3000 deposits in 70 countries, backed by a host of information, maps and data along with the texts of PhD theses.