How to Pick an Instagram Marketing Agency

After Facebook, Instagram is the most accessed network. This popular social media platform has more than a billion active monthly users. Everyone is on this social media platform including individuals, pets, and even businesses.


Each day, more and more brands are creating their Instagram accounts so that they can grow their brand awareness and introduce their new products. This platform certainly is an amazing medium for brands to promote their products in an authentic and friendly way without hard selling.


However, if you really want to use Instagram to benefit your business you cannot do it alone. You will need the help of an Instagram marketing agency. These agencies have years of experience and they know the right way to drive results. But the question is how to pick an Instagram marketing agency? Just hiring about anyone will not help. You need to find the best and we shall help you learn how to do so.


Select the one who offers many services


While searching for an Instagram marketing company, you perhaps will look for one that only makes Instagram campaigns. But this way you will limit yourself.


After your Instagram campaign is a success, you may desire to branch into Facebook. Soon after, you may require other services including content marketing. But if you limit yourself to only an Instagram marketing company then you will not get these additional services that you likely may need in the future.


So, it will be best to opt for a comprehensive digital marketing company right from start. If you plan to expand you will never have to worry, and nor will you need to hire more and more new companies.


Check their portfolio


Make sure you look at the portfolio of the company you plan to hire. Their portfolio will give you an insight into their work. You can check what they have done for their clients until now and you can decide if that is what you too are interested in.


Do they fit in your budget?


You of course need to consider your budget as well. While researching the different Instagram marketing companies, do learn about their pricing as well.


Some companies hide their pricing. You will have to wait for them to contact you and the process can be frustrating. It will rather be wise to focus on those companies that have no issues sharing their prices online. Such companies are honest and open about their rates, and there will be no extra hidden fees to worry about at all.

Make sure they monitor results


The social media agency Melbourne that you select must monitor the correct metrics for your Instagram campaigns. Without monitoring the results you will not be able to optimize and improve your campaigns.


So, when you are looking for a company, make sure they monitor metrics like –


• Growth


• Reach


• Lead generation


• Engagement


• Website traffic


They must communicate well


The Instagram marketing agency you select must communicate properly. They should keep you updated with the campaign results and offer you regular reports. The agency must be patient enough to not only share the results of your campaigns but also help you know what they mean.


Furthermore, it should be easy to get in touch with the agency. There must be a direct line to contact them in case you have any concerns or questions.


To Conclude –


If you consider these factors you surely will be able to find the best Instagram marketing agency for your needs. And once you do, hire them, and see how wonderful an impact they create on your business.