AMIRA International is an independent association of minerals companies, created to develop, broker and facilitate collaborative research projects.

Our business platform is to strengthen our Members’ businesses by assisting their development and uptake of leading edge science and technology by

  • Creating sponsor teams of member companies to share the costs and the benefits of selected research projects.
  • Working with the best researchers around the world
  • Nurturing and sustaining research resources for industry benefit
  • Formally representing the industry in areas important to our Members
  • Providing a forum for industry to meet, network and cooperate in areas of mutual interest.

While AMIRA International does not carry out research itself, it brokers collaborative projects between industry and world-leading research providers by leveraging available government and industry funds.

Our projects are funded by joint sponsorship from Member companies, and we pursue additional sources of funding to benefit these research efforts. Our main role is to facilitate these projects, so that sponsoring Members gain the expected benefits.
The Project Portfolio currently encompasses around 50 R&D projects with:

  • US$80 million portfolio value
  • US$40 million industry funds
  • US$15 million new industry funds/year