Play at New Online Casinos in 2021

In the fast-growing world of gambling, new casinos online now open their virtual doors in Australia every week. So you’ll find plenty on offer.

It is an exciting time for players, as healthy competition in the crowded market ensures innovation and drives up the value of the exquisite promotions. New 2021 online casinos have modern features and award very high welcome bonuses.


Add to that a new approach, some stunning promotions for players, a VIP program, and recent no deposit free spins. You can even find a no deposit bonus new at the online casino. With such a bonus, no money needs to be deposited to play.


Test new unknown online casinos extensively

Not-so-well-known new online casinos are tested by us immediately. Of course, one should first proceed with caution when a new, unknown online casino appears on the scene. If you jump straight into the fun without first checking the casino licenses or their willingness to pay out quickly, you can soon have a rude awakening.

As always, our recommendation is to inform yourself in detail first. We create the casino test reports only for this purpose to be able to distinguish reputable online casinos from their not-so-secure counterparts clearly.


Seriousness and security

We concentrate on casinos that offer a reliable and safe place to play. Our philosophy is security first. We only review new Australian casino sites reputable and licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission, or the Malta Gaming Authority, MGA for short.

This ensures several essential points: A safe environment; this provides security for your withdrawals and excellent customer service.

Software developers and game selection are also among the key features. Any quality new online casino will offer first-class new providers and a wide selection of new slots and games.

Deposits and withdrawals

We only recommend casinos with a good selection of trusted payment options and fast payouts. It’s essential that this is fast and hassle-free, both in terms of deposits and withdrawals.

When you want to play, you want to get started right away and not waste 20 minutes on payment methods. However, it is even more important that the withdrawal is credited to your account immediately. How this is best done is the main criterion of our online casino tests 2021.


Taxes in new online casinos

It should also be noted that winnings in casinos are theoretically exempt from tax. However, there are exceptions, for example, for professional players. Although winnings are often not taxed, they still have to be declared to the tax office.

In short, there is no gambling tax per se. If gambling becomes a profession, so to speak, and the tax would fall into a different category, would it be necessary to pay taxes for it? This may be the case with poker professionals, but even in this example, it is not precisely defined and is therefore in a legal grey area.


Browser support

New online gaming sites should offer the highest functionality and, above all, mobile compatibility. Anyone who has ever played roulette or blackjack live in an online casino will know this very well. Nothing is worse than being interrupted in the middle of a game and not seeing the result of the game.

New reputable online casinos will at least show you the game recordings and still credit you your winnings, but a lot of gaming fun is even lost as a result. You can do it yourself to ensure a stable internet connection and always use the latest versions of the browser and Flash Player. However, compatibility with the games is up to the casinos and game manufacturers, and you have to rely on them to do a good job.



We bring you the latest creative, modern design and innovative ideas, ensuring the best in innovation, gameplay, and user-friendly features. What makes players stay loyal to a particular casino can change just as quickly as casinos struggle to keep them excited.

Every new online casino in Australia aims to offer players a holistic gaming experience using various key attractions for players. Among them would be substantial game collections from multiple software providers. It is lovely to try out a new casino, but how exactly do you choose which one? For beginners, this is a tricky question. That is why we are here to guide you on this journey.

New in 2021: Online casinos without limits

First of all, it is new that there are casinos WITH limits. These are, for example, betting limits or a specific period that a single spin must last at least. According to the new regulations, which may soon come into force in Australia. Accordingly, players are, of course, always looking for a casino without limits so that they do not have to limit themselves all at once. Where there is a demand, there is also an offer. Some casinos will probably offer this. However, it is essential to choose reputable new casinos without limit.


The best new online casinos can offer these advantages

The first advantage is obvious. Since the new casinos 2021 have not been around that long, they have to offer new customers something if they want to keep up with existing online casinos. Therefore, newer operators shine in the core disciplines for new online casinos:

Large selection of games
Reliable customer service
High bonus amounts

New players have more and better offers at their disposal. 300% or 400% bonus for the first deposit, for example, is something that new operators almost only provide. A no deposit bonus or free spins on registration is also the rule rather than a rarity here. So there is an excellent chance to get advantageous bonus conditions.

The customer service is under pressure to have enough capacity to provide a reliable live chat that can be reached anytime. They cannot afford to scare away new customers, i.e., online casino players, with waiting times or unfriendly support. Therefore, you are treated as a customer and king, which unfortunately cannot always be said of many an established operator.


Another advantage might be the speed of the site. There is nothing more annoying than slowly running websites and casino games. You would think that the old hands around the business would have enough experience and capital to invest in a fast and smoothly running site, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. New online casinos do much better in terms of the technical quality of the website.


Also, one can undoubtedly mention the modern developments in the gambling industry. This includes gamification, i.e., the innovative integration of interactive game elements. It is no longer simply pokie machines made available, but the whole surrounding is finally getting better.

New casino sites: Are there also disadvantages?

Indeed, there are also disadvantages to new online casinos. With the good representatives, these are kept within limits – nevertheless, we would like to present the most common weaknesses so that you know what to look out for.


First of all, there is always annoying, time-consuming account verification. At every casino where you have an account, you have to complete the verification sooner or later – unless you want to deprive yourself of the possibility to withdraw winnings.

Our tip is always to have a recent picture of your identity card or passport, as well as a current invoice, ready on your computer. You don’t have to search for a long time but can upload the documents with just a few clicks. Contacting the customer service has also been said to help speed up the verification process. It is worth a try!


What is also apparent is the VIP status that you may already have in one or the other casino. You have to start all over again – you have to earn new loyalty points.


Finally, you have to look carefully at which payment methods the respective casino offers. It is often costly for the provider to provide an extensive range of ways. Therefore, one or the other payment method may not be available. What you should do in any case is to consider precisely how you want to make the withdrawal – even before you deposit. We would advise using an eWallet such as Neteller or Skrill, as, in our experience, it is merely the quickest.

Which new casino to avoid

One thing is clear: new casinos without a license should be avoided at all costs. At least those new online casinos that do not have permission. There are always some that are offline again after a few months. In practice, you then have almost no chance of claiming the winnings on your account.

On the other hand, the licensed new casinos have to deposit a certain amount of money as security with the respective supervisory authority, i.e., the licensor. In case of doubt, the players are then compensated from this sum. So it is not as easy as shady people in business to make off with the money.


Digitization reinvents online casinos

Every online casino has different games it specializes in, how it attracts players, and what bonuses it offers. However, there are some main categories that you can use to narrow down your search. Digitization does not stop at new online casinos. Entire professional fields are being created. Contemporary web designers and marketing specialists, and programmers are needed to bring a casino offline to the online world.

A new online casino, at least most of them, focuses on new slot machines, but also a wide range of table games, including favorites like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. There are several variations to keep all levels of table players happy. Besides, there is video poker and a selection of niche games such as craps, keno, and bingo.


Mobile Casinos

The rapid rise of mobile gaming has now finally overtaken traditional desktop gaming. Mobile casinos now offer players the opportunity to enjoy games on tablets and smartphones, of course with absolute ease and perfect functionality. A mobile casino is exactly what it seems to be: a casino for the mobile phone. By downloading an Android or iPhone app, these casinos can be used.


Some operators will focus on mobile apps that can be accessed via the browser. In contrast, other operators will undoubtedly develop their apps downloaded from the Playstore or App Store.


Alternatively, some casinos take a different approach by optimizing their website so that you can play directly on the website without downloading any software or app. They offer a fast and wireless gaming experience and switch from mobile device to PC with ease.


Most new mobile websites use software from the best casino game developers to power your site, so you also can access the latest games and features. It’s the most convenient and flexible way to play!


Live Dealer Casinos

If you love classic table games, then Live Dealer Casino is for you. There’s nothing more exciting than the pinnacle of gaming in a professional environment with the thrill of a real casino. Technological developments ensure that these casinos can offer you HD live streaming and real croupiers for the ultimate gaming experience.


You can interact with them and other players by using live chat and adjusting your camera settings and preferences.


Many tables offer different versions of each game, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other favorites. The tables provide a wide range of different game levels for you to choose from.


For a unique and exciting casino gaming experience, live casinos are an absolute must and can also be accessed on mobile devices.


New casinos with gamification

Gamification is a fascinating new trend in the iGaming scene with great benefits and rewards for players. New casinos that use gamification systems bring a holistic approach and are a lot of fun.


VIP systems and regular player promotions have been around for a long time, but these casinos integrate them with a unique and exciting way to play. You can earn points as you play, create characters to represent you, gain access to unlockable content and participate in leaderboards and compete with others.


The software developers themselves are focusing more on gaming experiences, and gamification is a big factor here. Some casinos have integrated this concept throughout their website and take you on an exciting adventure. Players are sent on missions, or free spins casino offers are distributed.


Casinos without registration

Deposit and start playing immediately without having to create an account? A new casino without registration can offer all this because it insists on the Pay N Play principle. No customer account needs to be made, and no personal data needs to be shared with the online casino.

But how does it work?

The way it works is quickly explained: The payment provider Trustly, which was initially only active on the Swedish market, is also available in Australia. Its main business areas include simple payment processing. The company makes it possible, for example, that you only have to enter the amount. Then you select your house bank from a drop-down menu, and you are connected to your own bank’s internet banking via an encrypted connection. The advantage is relatively obvious: you no longer need an account, so there is no need for the annoying registration process.


Besides, it is now also possible to quickly transfer money back to your bank. Unfortunately often takes a long time at conventional casinos. However, a small drop of bitterness remains that account verifications may still be necessary in some cases if large winnings are paid out.


VR Casino

The topic of virtual reality is now on everyone’s lips. We are happy about increasingly interactive games that merge reality and fantasy. This trend does not stop at online casinos either. We are sure that online gambling will also become more and more interactive. Virtual reality is currently reshaping the online casino world and changing the way players play games. It simulates another world and means players can enjoy an immersive and interactive gaming experience. If you think this is something for the future, it has already arrived.


Microgaming is investing heavily in VR table games development and has already introduced VR Roulette with a robot croupier. NetEnt focuses heavily on the slots market and recently released a VR version of the infamous Gonzo’s Quest, making history. Crossover games like Max Quest show us that computer games and classic slot elements are wonderfully compatible. In this game, you dive into ancient Egypt, but you don’t just spin the reels. You can look forward to actual gameplay where you control the main character of the game.


Undoubtedly many more surprises of this kind await us in 2021. When you play the game, you can accompany Gonzo on his adventure through the Amazon rainforests with a 360-degree view of your journey. NetEnt has even added a web VR plugin, which means you don’t need to download an app.


Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoins are another new trend in the modern online world. It is a relatively new digital currency that is now available at many of the new Bitcoin casinos. It is an anonymous currency where you are entirely in control, plus it cannot be taxed.


Using it as a payment method is fresh, innovative, yet extremely simple and works like other currencies. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet, which is available for free and can be found on any Bitcoin exchange. Friends can also send you coins. There are no middlemen or fees. It’s also completely secure as you don’t have to submit any personal or financial information when using Bitcoin.


Most new casinos accept a variety of currencies besides Bitcoin, but some use it exclusively. You can also find some great rewards and promotions for using this currency here.


In 2021 alone, more than 200 new online casinos have already applied for a license. Australian players can use almost all new casino sites. As a player, it is practically impossible to keep track of all of them. That is why we have made it our business to compare and evaluate these new online casinos.

On our site you will find only the most reliable casinos. New or old, you can visit them all with confidence.