Prizes and Awards


  • 2004 CSIRO Business Excellence Award: to P266D. The CSIRO Business Excellence medal for 2004 was presented to Research Director David Stribley and the P266D Improving Thickner Technology team, comprising the AJ Parker CRC for Hydrometallurgy (CSIRO Minerals), CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology and AMIRA International. The medal recognised processes developed in the project that have ensured the research outcomes were converted into substantial financial benefit for the minerals industry. A number of technology transfer tools – some of them unique to the project – were developed and used by Sponsors in transferring and applying new knowledge. Developing Thickner Expert, a web-based searchable knowledge base spanning 15 years, was a key deliverable in this process. Delivered as a CD product, it also contains all the process models developed in the project available for immediate use by all Sponsors, along with all the information in thickner technology in the public domain.
  • AusIMM award finalist in the Mining Journal Outstanding Achievement Awards – Sustainability: project P906 Phytoremediation and mine remediation.


  • AusIMM award The Mineral Industry Operating Technique: to John Farrow for his management of the P266 Thickener project series and contribution to Thickener technology.


  • The AusIMM Mineral Industry Operating Technique Award: to the JKMRC for the AMIRA Project P483 Mine to Mill.
  • The JKMRC won the National Project Excellence Award in Automation, Control and Instrumentation given by the National Institute of Engineers Australia for the long running AMIRA P255 Minerals Sands Project.


  • The AusIMM Institute Medal for 2000 was awarded to Dr Max Richards for leadership in research and technology over a forty-year career in the minerals industry. He was Chairman of AMIRA International 1998-2000 and President, Treasurer and a Councillor of AMIRA between 1984-1993.
  • The University of Queensland’s Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre was awarded the 2000 BHERT Award for “Outstanding Achievement in International Collaborative R&D”. The JKMRC accepted the award for the AMIRA P9 Project on behalf of its collaborating partners the Mineral Processing Research Unit at The University of Cape Town, McGill University in Canada and AMIRA International.
  • The Sir Ian McLennan Achievement for Industry Award 2000 was awarded to Dr Paul Gottlieb, CSIRO Minerals and AMIRA International for the development of the QEM*SEM automated quantification system for the identification of mineral components.


  • The CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement 1999 was awarded to the CSIRO Thickener Team lead by Dr John Farrow and the AMIRA P266C “Improving Thickener Technology” project for outstanding achievement in understanding and improving Thickener performance.
  • The AJ Parker CRC for Hydrometallurgy won the 1999 Business/Higher Education Round Table (BHERT) Award for Outstanding Achievement in Collaborative Research and Development involving a CRC. The annual BHERT Awards recognise outstanding achievements in collaboration between business and higher education, with the aim of highlighting the benefits of such collaboration. The Parker Centre received the BHERT Award for its innovative research into the optimisation of hydrometallurgical processing of Australian alumina, gold, nickel and other metals and metallic compounds; much of which is through AMIRA projects. (click
  • The AJ Parker Cooperative Research Centre for Hydrometallurgy and AMIRA International jointly won the inaugural award for Technology Transfer presented by the CRC Association in 1999. The Award is made not only to the researchers but also to the company benefiting from the technology. AMIRA was pleased to receive the Award on behalf of the many companies sponsoring the technology.
  • The ABARE Commodity Innovation Award, 1999, was made to Professor Tim Napier-Munn, Director of the Julius Kruttschnitt Research Centre, for the Flotation Module of the P9 Mineral Processing project, carried out in association with AMIRA, over the past 37 years.


  • The Australia Prize 1995 was awarded to Dr John Huntington and Dr Andy Green of the CSIRO, Division of Exploration and Mining and Dr Ken McCracken, former Chief of the CSIRO Division of Mineral Physics, for pioneering work in Remote Sensing carried out during the course of the series of AMIRA funded projects over the previous 18 years.


  • The Sir Ian McLennan Achievement for Industry Award, 1994, was awarded to Dr Ray Smith and the Lateritic Environment Team, CSIRO for contributions to the gold industry in Australia; and to AMIRA Ltd in recognition of the part played by AMIRA in the development.


  • The Australia Prize 1992 was awarded to John Watt, Dr Brian Sowerby and Dr Nicholas Cutmore of the CSIRO Division of Mineral and Process Engineering and Dr Jim Howarth, Managing Director of Mineral Control Instruments Ltd for the development of instruments for the on-line analysis of minerals and coal.
  • Jim May and AMIRA Limited were awarded the Eureka Prize in 1992, the Australian Museum Prize for Industry.


  • The Association of Consulting Engineers of Australia presented the 1981 Engineering Awarded to AMIRA for the Prototype Pneumatic Ore Lift.


  • The 1973 Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design was awarded to Philips Industries Limited for the design of the Radio-Isotope On-Stream Analysis System. To commemorate the ward and the part played in the system’s development by AMIRA, the Australian Atomic Energy Commission, AMDEL, and the Zinc Corporation Limited, Philips presented each organisation with a replica of the award.