Top 5 common mistakes in made in a coworking space

With more and more people attending coworking spaces, the importance of office etiquette has significantly increased. Check below 4 mistakes you should avoid to commit in a coworking space, unless you want to become the worst coworker of the week.


Mistake 1. Behaving like a stranger

A coworking space is designed to bring people of different walks of life together and encourage positive bonds between them. It plays the role of a hub of bright ideas that are waiting to be shared. If you go in the coworking space to nerd out on your projects in a dark corner for hours, this place might not be for you. Yes, job deadlines shouldn’t be underestimated, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your coworking space time withdrawn in your world, establishing no contact with other people around you. Open up and do your best to integrate yourself into the vibrant community of brilliant professionals. Remember a great friendship starts with simple “Hi”, just as well as a successful business collaboration.


Mistake 2. Leaving the desk dirty

Leaving the desk messy is a sign of disrespect both for your colleagues and yourself. You might have piles of papers, office supplies, personal stuff and food stored on the desk that take much time to bring in order, but, please, make an effort. The food residue left on the desk may cause bacteria growth that can harm other people working in the office. Besides, the stains and clutter that is everywhere can be an obstacle for you to work and be productive. So, no matter how tired you are or how late you are for your appointment, try to dedicate two minutes to wiping down the desk and tidying up the work area. It will significantly improve your efficiency.


Mistake 3. Not participating in networking events

In order to foster the sense of community and work relationship, you will be likely invited to take part in networking events that will not always fit the spirit of a regular office. Don’t be surprised when one of your mates challenges you for a 4PM pool game or invites you to a guest speaker’s event. It’s just a way of making new connections that will benefit the coworking office vibe in the future and the professional growth of participants.


Mistake 4. Avoiding meeting rooms

It may sound obvious but serious business negotiations or a discussion with a potential client shouldn’t take place in the middle of the office. You may want to save some money by not renting a meeting room, but talking about important matters just amidst your office mates is not appropriate. You let your conversation – which sometimes implies confidential information – be overheard by your colleagues, and most importantly, you impede them from focusing on their job tasks. That’s why, when it comes to serious discussions, you are better off moving to a meeting room where you can negotiate the service price or the business plan away from other people’s eyes and ears.