You need Yoga Towels

Yoga is one of the best forms of meditation and relaxation. You can choose a cold or hot environment to get the most out of your yoga sessions. Regardless of your motivations, you need the right equipment to get started.


The first thing you need to get is the right yoga mat. Choose the right size, texture, and cushioning that would fit the type of yoga that you are going to practice. If you’re going for yoga that requires more difficult poses, get a textured yoga mat. If you want to do a more restorative yoga session where you stay the same positions for a long time, choose a yoga mat that would have more cushion.


For most cases, a yoga mat would be enough. However, a yoga towel can make your yoga sessions more hygienic, comfortable, and relaxing.


When you go to a local gym, it’s good behavior for you to bring a towel to wipe down the equipment that you just used. We do this as a courtesy to the next user, and to prevent the surfaces from getting moldy or dirty. Having a yoga towel for your own yoga mat preserves its quality and keeps it clean.

If you can be courteous to others, why can’t you be courteous to yourself right?


A towel is also another layer of support when you put it on top of your yoga mat. When you are doing hot yoga, you sweat more than usual. The Yoga mat gets wet, your clothes get soaked, and the mat can get sticky. The Summer Chaser Yoga Mat Towel is a non-slip yoga towel that adds another layer of cushioning to your yoga mat, absorbs the sweat, and has a non-slip surface that will keep you in place through the tougher poses.


The comfort of using a non-slip towel for tough yoga does wonders for your yoga practice. You don’t have to worry about the sweat accumulating on your mat because the towel will do its job absorbing all of your hard-earned sweat.


High-quality Yoga mats may offer a thicker cushion for longer yoga sessions that require you to stay in difficult positions. An odor-free yoga mat can be maintained with an odor-resistant yoga mat towel. There are towels on the market made of recycled plastics and turned into polyester fabric. These materials are highly odor resistant compared to the cotton that is usually used for bath towels.


On top of that, you can pick a towel with a cool design that would suit your personality. There are designs that you can choose from that can represent ocean waves, a forest, a beach, or simply a series of inspiring words. Artsy towels can distract you if the design is in fact too good to not look at. So pick something that will help you focus on emptying your mind or taking a load off of work.


You can maximize your yoga session with the right yoga mat and towel combination. Making your yoga session clean, comfortable, and relaxing is something that you deserve! Book your next yoga session, bring a yoga mat and a non-slip yoga towel, then relax. Namaste.